Monday, June 2, 2008

episode 2 - Adventure Comics 267

Hello again! Kristen and Adriana together on this track!! Join us as we recap another visit to Superboy from his horrible "friends" from the future! ahh we didn't really succeed in making it much shorter!!! sorry, guys! again, plagued with sound complications... we're diligently working on it though. next episode should be out later this week, hopefully by thursday. I think we're going to record two epsiodes on the weekend and edit/post them during the week. thanks for listening! if any of you just know artists and writers for these and other issues, feel free to email or comment with it!

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Super Future Friends Episode 2 Adventure Comics 267

Music used in the intro/outro is the theme song from the legion animated series.

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


>>lightning lad's accidental naked time.

>> space kents


Liamous said...

Random fact. Adventure Comics was Penciled and inked by George Papp, written by Jerry Siegel and Mort Weisinger and ... I don't think anyone knows who the colorist is...


Liamous said...

At least Adventure Comics 267 was credited to those people.


adriana said...

re: liamous

whoa thanks. liamous! how did you find this!! @_@!!

Liamous said...

I happen to be... a bit... of a nerd...with too much free time.

George Papp took over Superboy comics from John Sikela, who did them back in the 1950s.George Papp would go on to do several legion stories
before getting canned because DC did not want to give him a benefits or so the story goes. He parted ways with DC in 1968. Unless i'm mistaken, he always did his own inking.

Jerry Siegel wrote a LOT of stuff having to do with Superman in the 50s, he's sort of a big name of the silver age. He's actually credited with conceiving the original superman idea, though his original superman was actually, a villain.

Anyway, early comics, especially things in the 50s had a horrible record for crediting the creators. Hence why the colorist, usually a no name person, is lost to history for the most part.

Also of note, the cover was not George Papp but rather penciled by Curt Swan, who would go on to do a lot of LoSH. Inked by Stan Kaye, though I'm not....entirely positive about this. Again for the cover, I haven't the faintest clue who could have colored it...

Hope this helps! =D Keep up the great work!


Craigopher said...

You can find creator credits for pretty much any Legion-related issue at's Legion Publication History. As liamous pointed out, colorist information does not seem to be available for many of the earlier issues, but most other credits are known.

mspote said...

I really enjoyed the dialogue format (no offense to the first episode!). Keep up the good and fun work.

Dr. Bolty said...

To answer a question in this episode (although you've probably gotten an e-mail about this by now), pre-Crisis Superman *did* grow up in an orphanage for a while. The story was that Ma and Pa Kent handed him over to the orphanage (one story showed an immunization needle breaking on baby Superman's skin) before officially adopting him.

Jeffrey Scott said...

With Super Friends like these, who needs Super Villains?

XantesFire said...

Here's a record/book version of The Origin of Superman redone on Youtube.