Sunday, June 8, 2008

episode 3 - Action Comics 267

Again, we return! This time with even WORSE sound quality! Find out what happens when the Legion of Super-heroes show up to mess with Superman's cousin, Supergirl!

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Super Future Friends Episode 3 Action Comics 267

Music used in the intro/outro is the theme song from the legion animated series.

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


>> supergirl makes sure she's not damp.


Anonymous said...

The Supergirl Robot first appears in Action Comics 256, in "The Great Supergirl Mirage" story. Where Superman builds the robot FOR Supergirl in order to help her preserve her secret identity.

adriana said...

thanks, anon!!

Anonymous said...

Two sources site;

Writer(s) Jerry Siegel and Mort Weisinger
Penciller(s) Jim Mooney
Inker(s) Jim Mooney

For Issues 267 of Action comics.

Jeffrey Scott said...

Do you suppose Superman has his own Supergirl robot?

David said...

Just found the show... great fun!

I know I'm commenting on shit from like a year ago and you've probably already discovered this, but if you want to see some real "Superman is a total dick" stuff you just gotta read more Supergirl solo stories. Every single one of those stories was about him hiding her away in an orphanage and being disappointed in her, and most of them ended with her crying.

This gets punctuated by the most disturbing mainstream comic I've ever read, in which Superman disguises Supergirl as "Superwoman" and publicly molests her in order to get Lois Lane off his back about marrying him.

Read Supergirl Archives Volume 1... it can actually make you HATE Superman.