Sunday, June 15, 2008

episode 4 - Superboy 86

Okay! Sound quality issue was taken care of. We sound beautiful now. Or at least listenable. We still haven't found a reliable source for the artists/writers, if any of you can link us to an online resource of some sort, that'd be great! this after the fact stuff isn't okay!

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Super Future Friends Episode 4 Superboy 86

Music used in the intro/outro is Hideki Naganuma - Sneakman from Jet Set Radio.

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


>> meatball-hand asteroid.


Anonymous said...

If you posted a list of which issues you're going to cover that you don't know the authors of, I know some people actually own the originals and can check that way ahead for you.

adriana said...

ah, unfortunately, they're not in the originals! or the archived editions! @_@

Liamous said...
Might help.
Also DC has an archive.
Be warned that some times these two will contradict eachother. >.>;
I recommend looking through several s sources

I use this one a lot, be warned it's weird as hell with the older issues, so i'd compare to what it says to Legion Wiki.

In short, It'll get easier once you start covering things made in the 1970s =D

Jeffrey Scott said...

If Luthor can command the Kryptonite men. Why doesn't he just make them fly to Earth so Luthor can store them and use them against Superboy as he needs to. He can then create Kryptonite gloves and beat the hell out of him.

Problem solved.
Some evil genius.

XantesFire said...


Another L.L. Letitia Lerner, Superman's babysitter.