Friday, August 29, 2008

episode 7 - Superboy 89

Hey guys! This time we meet Mon-El...and the Legion isn't actually in this. But Mon-El joins the Legion eventually. We just follow the archives, don't hate us. A two part story that's pretty boring, but also hilarious. Watch Superboy make horrible assumptions and almost kill someone!

Editor: Mort Weisinger
Writing: Robert Bernstein
Penciller: George Papp
Inker: George Papp

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Super Future Friends Episode 7 Superboy 89

Music used in the intro/outro is The Mamas and the Papas - Monday Monday

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==



Charlie E/N said...

Awesome stuff!
I'm a long time (well, 10 years) Legion fan and never saw all of these brilliant and disturbing views on what for most smarter kids probably would have been a traumatising time in Clark Kent's young life.

I keep looking for easy 'ins' for my friends to follow the Legion. This might be the best, or possibly the worst ways of being it.

Keep up the good work. Long Live the Super Future Friends! (that doesn't quite work without the alliteration, does it?)

Jeffrey Scott said...

I want one of those jack in the boxes that spew fire. Where can I get one?