Thursday, October 23, 2008

episode 11 - Action Comics 287

Hey all!! We're back with another episode and some chronological problems have cropped up and I'm freaking out! But don't worry, we're on the case. In this issue, we see Supergirl take on her BIGGEST CHALLENGE! WHAT COULD IT POSSIBLY BE? Once again, there's a Higher Quality and Lower Quality version available for you! How do you guys feel about these? I've got it set so itunes picks up the lower quality one automatically, would you guys prefer that it pick up the bigger one? Are the smaller ones useless to you? Are the bigger ones useless?!

**Special thanks to the Comic Geek Speak and TwoTrueFreaks for plugging us!**

Editor: Mort Weisinger
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Penciller: Jim Mooney

Some people have asked what our posting schedule is! WE HAVE NONE! We try to do one a week but that gets difficult with work kicking us in the head!

Right-Click and Save As to Download -
(Smaller Version) Super Future Friends Episode 11 Action Comics 287

Right-Click and Save As to Download -
(Higher Quality Version) Super Future Friends Episode 11 Action Comics 287

Some Stats:
Time Travel Post-It Notes? Yes
Saturn Girl Bitch-o-Meter: 7 out of 10 Saturn Rings
Super Pets: 2
Convoluted Space-Time Communication: Yes
Statuettes? Yes
Tunnels/Tunnelling? Yes

Music used in the intro/outro is Electric Six - Electric Demons in Love

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


there's that "arena" again...


Jeffrey Scott said...
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Jeffrey Scott said...

It seems the Chameleon Men can turn into rocks or trees, but can't turn themselves into some type of burrowing animal?

XantesFire said...

Great, you two are like my sister, able to turn anything gay, except she does it with tv shows and movies. Heroes, poof, gay. E.T, gay. Sarah Conners, gay. X-men, gay.

Spoiler about the future of the Kents.

They die right before Superboy leaves Smallville. And it's his fault.