Monday, February 9, 2009

episode 17 - Action Comics 290

Hi again! Sorry for the delay, kristen and adriana are hard at work on their other project. This issue features Supergirl's boyfriends. Except the hot green nerdy one :/! Whatever, Supergirl! Whatever!

Mort Weisinger
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Penciller: Jim Mooney

Of course, you should all watch the Smallville Legion episode. Unfortunately, it seems to have been purged from the internet. I don't recommend watching it on the cw site since it broke my browser but if you want to try... I also highly recommend any highly illegal methods.

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Super Future Friends Episode 17 Action Comics 290

Some Stats:
Statuary?: oh hells yes. DOLLS, even!
Homoeroticism Level: 9 out of 10 super-merman boys
Gross Misuse of Time Travel Technology: 10 out of 10 time bubbles

Music used in the intro/outro is Scissor Sisters - Kiss You Off

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


click for the bigger version. we don't even have a caption for this. it's that amazing.


Anonymous said...

Well...the statue is making googly eyes...Maybe the guy misunderstood the custom and you're supposed to kiss it instead.

Nikki said...

Legion links

Charlie E/N said...

As someone who's hated Smallville despite being a teen drama fan and a Superman fan, here's my review.

As ever, awesome episode, girls.

Johnathan said...

This is the second Legiony comic that you've done that I had no idea of the existence of - in addition to having a wicked-cool show you are enabling my obsession with reading all Legion ever. You are true humanitarians.

adriana said...


charlie: hahahah, great review!! god, that's hilarious

jonathan: i KNOW, right?! it's disturbing that the legion just turns up in the weirdest places. they're this amazing deus ex machina, swiss army plot device! "why would this happen" "THE LEGION DID IT"!!

Jeffrey Scott said...

I was trying to figure out the reason for the opening song, I didn't figure it out till the end when you replayed it. Great choice in song!

Like some of the others here, I have never seen an episode of Smallville till I heard the Legion were going to be on it. Not sure who this Chloe is, or what the deal is with Lex or Doomsday, but I think they got the Legion right.

As for your show, you girls are hilarious. I enjoy each episode and wish they came out more frequently.

As for this comic, it has now given me one more criteria when choosing my girlfriends. Not only must they be great kissers, but they must also endow me with super powers as well.

Anonymous said...

Cute coluan spotted in Tiny Titans#13!

Wndola said...

Where did you guys get your list. I have been looking for a very comprehensive list of Legion books... can you post it or a link to it?

Kit said...

Great episode, you guys really make me laugh. I found you after your Major Spoilers guest appearance and have been waiting for a new episode since. It was worth the wait.

XantesFire said...
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Mike Walker said...

The name of the dog is Daffy, you can see his name on the kennel behind him when he is failing to bat the ball around. So he could have been Daffy, the Super Dog.

I have a better explanation for why the powers wore off the two boys at the same time. The Red Kryptonite caused Supergirl's powers to continually be duplicated in anyone she kissed. So when the Red Kryptonite effect wore off Supergirl, it meant that everyone else lost their powers at the same time.