Tuesday, March 10, 2009

episode 18 - Superman 155

Ok. So, I promised a link to my SuperFuture list that I'm using. Probably the best resource out there is this website from Jo and Teri-Anne Sanning. We're very indebted to their laudable and feverish feat of nerdery, so I'll link them up on the side.

Writer: Jerry Seigel
Penciller: Curt Swan
Inker: George Klein

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Super Future Friends Episode 18 Superman 155

Some Stats:
Convoluted Super-plan? Yes
Homoeroticism Level? 7 out of 10 Tiny Green Wrestling Undies
Super Pets? Yes (One)
Bizarre Costuming? Oh hell yes.
Abuse of Time Travel? Gross misuse foretold.

Music used in the intro/outro is N.E.R.D - Rock star

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==




Jeffrey Scott said...

Another great episode.
I guess Chameleon Boy was busy this day. He could have brought Proty to be disguised as Mxpytlx. I'm sure Proty would come along, he's just a 'pet' anyway. Right?

Alan Mac said...

Good to see you back. Another hilarious issue/podcast. Long LOL the Legion!

adriana said...

oh my god, alan. "long lol the legion" should be our slogan. that's AMAZING.

XantesFire said...

Pre-Crisis Mr. Mxyzptlk was harmless, very annoying but a "safe" villain to fight. Mostly because once he was tricked into going back to the 5th dimension, everything he did would go back to normal. Walking buildings, mannequin Lois, dead Olsen, all back as he was never there. So I see a Mr. Mxyzptlk day as a fun day for the rest of Metropolis. Everyone gets to see Mxy play around with Superman and no matter what, poof, back to normal.

Tim Nolan said...

"God Dammit, Clark, get your shit together." Had me laughing for 15 minutes during my morning Commute, thanks for a great episode.