Tuesday, March 31, 2009

episode 19 - Adventure Comics 300

Hi again! This issue, if you can't tell by the cover, Mon-el joins the Legion! Finally, an issue that's Legion to the extreme!

it has since come to our attention that you can see an infection with an x-ray. but we still maintain that superboy would have no idea what a chest infection looks like. superboy has the same doctorate that Doctor Barbie does: a fake one.

Editor: Mort Weisinger
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Penciller: Al Plastino and John Forte

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Super Future Friends Episode 019 Adventure Comics 300

Some Stats:
Statuettes? YES
Tunneling? Twice(!!!)
Clark not mentioning responsibility for Mon-el predicament: about 50 times
Sun Boy Dickness Level: Class O Sun
Horrific Robot Deaths: Two
Jobs that Superboy Thinks He is Qualified For (but isn't): 1) Doctor 2) Robot Mechanic

Music used in the intro/outro is Offspring - Cool to Hate

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


the promised diagram of what the clubhouse's layout must be. click for bigness.

this one also illustrates "surprise ass patting faces"

click for bigness

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Dr. Bolty said...

So ya know re: Lex's baldness:

Lex was Superboy's best friend; while trying to find a cure for Superboy's Kryptonite weakness, he accidentally started a fire. Superboy put it out with his super-breath, but the fumes from the chemicals caused Luthor's hair to fall out. AND LEX LUTHOR SWORE VENGEANCE FOR ALL TIME!

So the greatest villain of all time turned evil because he didn't have the imagination to invent super-rogaine. :)

adriana said...

....!!! HAHAHA ;__;!!! oh my god!!! i'm surprised that didn't lead to a horrific issue of "doctor" superboy trying to fix his problem and turning his face into melty-Spawn-burger face.

Nikki said...

You may be interested in the final episode of the season of the show that must not be named...just sayin', its relevant.

As for next episode, Bouncing Boy: Secret Origin! Legion dickery at its finest. Can't wait

Kate Madalene said...

Oh man, another amazing episode. Anything with Mon-El, I'm officially in love with. I totally adore him now, thanks guys. Like I needed to love another superhero XD

octopusjones said...

This episode totally reminded me why I love this show. Hilarious and non-sensical love for both of you! From your super fan~

Johnathan said...

Just remember: no matter how old Lex Luthor might look facially, the true sign that it's Old Luthor vs Young Luthor is that Old Luthor is pretty tubby.

Youse guys is great!

Charlie E/N said...

Love the clubhouse diagram. That'd explain so much.
Finally an episode with the Legion in it.

More Super-Dickery:

Captain Great said...

When you do Adventure Comics #301 you have to find a copy with the letter column where the editor berates a small child for being a fatty!

XantesFire said...

As Dr. Bolty said a fire started it all.

Umm, okay. Actually it happened more like this.

But why are his eyebrows still thick and lushy.

Anonymous said...

The most horrifying thing to me about the Mon-El/Legion story is that the Legion can time travel.

So, they have this cure (even if it's only temporary), and they can give it to Superboy so he can at least analyze the formula and get a head start on making his cure... and, oh yeah, they can also give it to Mon-El, bring him back to the future, and work to permanently cure him there where he at least has temporary reprieves from the Phantom Zone.

Instead, they have this cure, but they leave Mon-El trapped in the Phantom Zone FOR A THOUSAND YEARS with Kryptonian super-criminals. That's the king of the dick moves, right there.

I also think it's funny that Superboy never had the imagination to time travel/fly into the future to look for a cure to lead poisoning. I can just see him leaning over his '50s-style chemistry set yelling "I can figure it out myself!!"

Anonymous said...

I'm curious: You mentioned in passing that you hated Bouncing Boy. Why? Especially having come to the Legion via the cartoon? I thought he was one of the best characters on TV, and I guess my favorable attitude toward him has spilled over into my reading of the old stories.

I loved your riff on Mon-El being stuck in the Zone for a millenium. It struck me with new force just how absurd it all was and I laughed myself silly. :-)