Friday, April 24, 2009

episode 20 - Superman 156

Hi again! Another non-archive issue! In this issue, the Death of Superman! What, you thought that happened in the 90s?! How little you know! Don't worry, your Super Future Friends are on the case! BEWARE! This one runs really long, 70 mins! It's a really long story!

Edmond Hamilton
Penciller: Curt Swan
Inker: George Klein

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Super Future Friends Episode 20 Superman 156

Some Stats:
Tunneling? YES!
Clark glossing over responsibility for Mon-el predicament: YES
Ignorance of Global Warming: Balmy 100s
Number of Times We Say "cute": Over 9,000
Bizarre Superpower You Didn't Know Superman Had: Yes, "Total Memory"
LL's?: Like a million.

Music used in the intro/outro is Goldfrapp - Crystalline Green

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


click for bigness. this is the closest image I could find to illustrate the similarity to the last station of the cross. These are your Super Future Friends fulfilling our yearly educational quota.

the face of superemo

BATMAN IN MY LEGION ISSUES!!! dreams = fulfilled!


Nikki said...

Its a feature length superfuturefriends. My day is made!

So my comments on the issue-
Superman's utter lack of faith in Supergirl that she can take care of the 'terrible menaces' and where is the logic in don't tell supergirl, she has to stay away from me but I'll tell her the news myself. How about getting lois to tell her to say away from you or using a phone?! I totally get the feeling he never visits his cousin in the orphanage. Total abandonment.

btw...supergirl's skirt has been blue since her introduction. The red came later

Anonymous said...

The art reference with Superman being carried away like Jesus, is this about in that realm that you're looking for?

Anonymous said...

Oh, nevermind. Didn't see you had that taken care of.

octopusjones said...

This was an amazing episode! Very much appropriate for your twentieth episode (that might be a lame thing to celebrate but whatever!) You guys are awesome. I'm happy you decided to do this, and hope you'll keep enjoying yourselves.

Kate Madalene said...

AW MAH GAWD awesome! I've been dying for this issue (lol no pun intended) since I read it. I loved it by myself, but it's a million times better with your commentary. Also, Batman cameo ftw.

XantesFire said...

If I remember correctly the Superman Rescue Squad on "Superfriends" cartoons sounded like they were huffing helium.

Superman has super-recall and super-intelligence, but as you noted before, it doesn't help him identify potentially dangerous microbes.

If there was a virus that was kept alive in that box for all those years and if Jimmy and Superman were contaminated by it and carrying it around, doesn't that mean that the Fortress, the Daily Planet, the Daily Planet specially made incredibly fast helicopter and potentially all of earth should be off limits to all kryptonians, since they probably contaminated everywhere they been to? And since it's from Krypton wouldn't it be superpowered? What if it mutated and learned to attack earth humans? Superman should think about those things.

Mars in the pre-Crisis DC universe had canals with water.

Superman hates penguins. Why else would he destroy the Antarctic as it is.

Since the Legion is from the future, they should know when Superman dies. So this was another hazing from the Legion? "Hey, gang, Superman thinks he's dying, let's go mess with him."

Must be since where could Brainiac 5 gotten a sample of Virus-X, except from the box, but if the virus was already dead, what was he experimenting on?

Kate Madalene said...

Oh yeah, Lyla Lerrol...another LL. There was another three-parter a few years earlier where Superman was fucking around in space and ended up back in time on Krypton, where he was mistaken for a movie actor...and Lyla was an actress, and they hooked up. The whole issue was Superman and Lyla making out and hanging out with Superman's parents, all while Supes is thinking of Krypton's impending doom. It's hilarious, I highly recommend it.

XantesFire said...

You know what they say, "what happens in impending doom Krypton, stays in impending doom Krypton."

Bibliomike said...

Thanks for the review of Superman's "bucket list" story. :-) And Virus X -- how timeley as we stare down the swine flu... You didn't plan that, did you? Ah, conspiracy theories start forming....!

Funny story: when I read this story in The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told trade, it was the first time I'd ever encountered the Legion, which meant I'd never known about Brainiac 5 before. So the stupid "suspense" over whether Brainy would turn villain or not actually worked on me! Oh, well.

Peter said...

Episode 20! Only 3 more and I'm caught up! Oh god! The marathon has been insane!!

Mike Walker said...

Another great podcast, thanks. Your enthusiasm in reading these is wonderful.

I find the idea of writing a huge message on the moon rather crazy.

First of all, they are using heat vision, which is just a tiny line. To make trenches big enough to be seen from Earth, this would take a really long time. It might seem like an easy job in the panel they do it in, because they are long way from the moon, the moon looks small. Does being a long way away make their heat vision wider, somehow?

I think what you really need for this job is a giant shovel, and some canal digging (tunneling.)

The other thing about this is that's a permanent change in the landscape of the moon. Superman and Supergirl and Krypto just leave it there. So everyone will look up at the sky, night after night, and see that same message. It's like having an annoying giant billboard that you have to look at every single night. At least the 30th century doesn't seem to still have that message.