Saturday, May 23, 2009

episode 22 - Adventure Comics 301

Hi again! Stronger than ever, we return! This time with the Secret Origin of Bouncing Boy!! A fan favorite even if he's one of our least favorites. Also in this issue is a story about Clark Kent and Lex Luthor... as cell-mates. I shit you not. Some really nice art is in that too, I might do a side-post about it some time. This is also a tryout issue and the first appearance of Storm Boy!

And yes, it's "starscream", not "starscreamer". We forgot to talk about it, but we included a scan of the amazing letters column from this issue that features the editor picking on a fat child (mixed messages much??) and someone whining that Bizarros rock harder than Legion. I will find you, Wendell Evans of Boston Mass. I will find you and fight you.

Writer: Jerry Siegel
Penciller: John Forte

Music used in the intro/outro is sugarcult - bouncing off the walls

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==

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Super Future Friends Episode 22 Adventure Comics 301

Some Stats:
Statuettes? Yes.
Complicated Machine That Has One Really Stupid Purpose?
Yes (extra points for combining machine with statuary)
Cosmic Boy is Easily Swayed? Yes.
Robot Death? Yes. ("metal monster" counts)
Legionnaire Douchebaggery: 7 out of 10 dodgeballs
Use of "Hip Slang": Yes!

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-adriana and kristen


I think I love Mort Weisinger for his blatant mockery of small children. also note the mention of "bits of legionnaire business" which i think we'll talk more about later.


Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

For your Torment...the marriage of Bouncing Boy and triplicate girl with random martian manhunter

It comes with its own soundtrack

The worst thing that could happen on Smallville? Brainiac 5 played by James Marsters as the son of Chloe Sullivan and Brainiac.

XantesFire said...

I'm almost sure one or more of those awards attributed to Invisible Kid was for something he claimed to have done and noone can disprove.
Cosmic Boy-"We caught the psycho killer. It's a good thing he tripped on his own feet when he did or we wouldn't have caught him."
Invisible Kid-"'His own feet...' nothing, I tripped him!"
C.B-"But we didn't see you there."
I.K-"Hello, invisibility."
C.B-"Oh, right. Guess this award is yours."

Since Bouncing boy got fired he probably couldn't afford to buy a
superhero uniform.

Rodrigo said...

mspote said...

The "scribo-stylus" whatever that Lightning Lad uses reminds me of the "Long Pen" used by novelist Margaret Atwood:

"The fan sits down at a desk at a bookstore near his home, and presents his book. He can greet the author via the Internet video chat setup. The author sits in the comfort of her home and greets her fans, signing the book via the Internet-connected LongPen. Once the author has decided what to write, she writes it out on a touchpad." --

Another fun episode... and even I was given reason to dislike Bouncing Boy this week, reading Superboy 216 with my kid, where BB complains/whines that Duo Damsel, his wife, when she goes into action, makes him feel like half a man. Oh, grow up!

Jeffrey Scott said...

Once more, fantastic episode. I understand your reservations about Bouncing Boy. When I explain the Legion to other people I mysteriously leave out talking about Bouncing Boy for some odd reason. Maybe if Lois Lane visits the future, she will fall in love with Chuck and run off and we never have to see either of them again. It could happen.