Friday, August 7, 2009

episode 26 - Action Comics 298

Hey guys! Back from SDCC with a new episode! This time the plot is barely coherent, hooray! This episode has Phantom Zone people in it, which made me think Mon-el would be in it but then he wasn't. My life lost a little meaning. We recorded this when it was very very hot out and to keep the recording clean we had to shut windows and turn off fans so the management apologizes for any delirious rambling caused by the sweltering heat. We want to remind you not to miss next episode, it's a very important legion story!

Writer: Leo Dorfman
Penciller: Jim Mooney

Music used in the intro/outro is Rufus Wainwright - Little Sister

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==

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Super Future Friends - Episode 26 - Action Comics 298

Some Stats:
Statues? Yes, one.
Tunneling? No.
Misuse of Tech? Yes, helmet that creates whatever you want is used to make pink spider.
Robot Death? Yes, four.
L-L usage? on Luthor's stupid chest insignia.

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-adriana and kristen


Here, you stare at this and then try to describe it to someone verbally.


Nikki said...

Looking at the showcase its the second part, the first was called 'the forbodden weapons of krypton'

Lena lies to Dick Malverne that she is supergirl and supergirl gets pissed off and super- assumes she is turning into a criminal. Turns out Lesla lar made Lena say that and abducts her from her giant pillow. Wackiness ensues and lena tries to get the criminals out of the zone, there is Mon-El who lesla shoots with lead gun so he stays in the zone helpless. The criminals escape and set up a super-force field around the earth that stops time travel. The criminals turn on Lesla then the legion stalker cam thing happens and Supergirl contacts luthor.

The best Lena story though is Supergirl:cosmic adventures in the 8th grade. Its a modern homage to all this madness and is super-adorable. It was going to have Brainy appear in it but DC said no as he was already in' legion of superheroes in the 31st century' and they didn't want to confuse the kids. Its out in trade in December but here's a link to behind the scenes goodies

Nikki said...

oh and I forgot to mention that after Lesla abducts Lena she puts her conciousness in her body or something and that isn't resolved by stories end

Johnathan said...

And of course Lena Thorul is Lex Luthor's sister, but their parents changed their name out of shame and maybe died and so she doesn't know about him. Keeping it a secret was a big thing for a while in the Silver Age.

And yeah, Kru-El is Superman's cousin.

Kate Madalene said...

:| Despite my vast and ultimately useless knowledge of Silver Age Superman, this whole issue's plot alludes me. And I'm pretty glad for it. The name Kru-El is enough to make me shake my head sadly, and I can withstand extreme amounts of retardation.

I'm so excited for the next two episodes though!!! Awww mah gawd you guys had better hurry those up, I've been excited since looking ahead in the chronology 8D And as an incentive, I'll post this picture of Superman catching Batman as if he were a delicate lady.

adriana said...

wow!! you guys are amazing!! thanks for the explanations!!

nikki and jonathan, sometimes i think you're both too keen with this stuff for your own good.

neppa!! that picture warmed my cold, unfeeling heart. i love you :/!!

Nikki said...

You'll be as lost and hopeless soon enough Adriana if you keep up with this silver age madness.

Tom Dougherty said...

I came for the picture of the giant spider, and left in tears, disappointed.