Wednesday, October 28, 2009

episode 28 - Adventure Comics 305

Hi again! We're back after a long hiatus! In this issue, not very much Legion at all! But it still counts! This issue lets us know that back in the day, if your child wasn't popular, you weren't expected to love them! Learn of the bizarre zoning practices of Smallville and more!

Here's a link to the Interlac APA. Also, I mentioned that I thought "The Man from Laredo" was a real movie, I was thinking of "The Man from Laramie"

Writer: No clue!
Penciller: George Pap?
Inker: Mr Someone-or-other!

Music used in the intro/outro is Beck - Loser

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==

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Super Future Friends - Episode 28 Adventure Comics 305

Some Stats:
Statues? Yes, one made of scrap metal.
Tunneling? No.
Smallville is the worst place on Earth? Yes.
Robot murder? Very close but no.
Animal Abuse? One gorilla punched in the face.

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-adriana and kristen



dirtmnd said...
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bats00 said...

Thank you. You turned a shitty day at work into a shitty day at work where I wear headphones!

Dr. Bolty said...

YES! I am so happy to see you guys are back! :D I am going to love listening to this.

Anonymous said...

My high school had an ice rink ... Then the town turned it into a library

Mathias said...

Yea! I'm super-happy that you two are back at it! I love this podcast, you totally crack me up! Here's some more exclamation points to prove it!!!

Tom Dougherty said...

I loved the podcast. As usual, it was weird and funny and full of swears.

I'll set you straight on your knowledge of fifties/sixties culture, bleeding into the seventies and eighties.

"He Man" was a term that described any muscular strongman type of guy, or anyone you wanted to label as such. "He Man" the cartoon is actually a clumsy, shitty name since it's derived from a generic description of a strong person.

Drive through diners had both tables and a counter inside and a parking area with speakers where you could order your food and a waitress would actually bring the shit out to you. In Pittsburgh, this idea hung on into the early eighties at a couple of places, including a hot dog and pizza place called "Dog n' Suds"- the suds in this case being root beer. It was *that* innocent back then. BONUS: the waitresses were usually on roller skates to make food service even more humiliating a career choice than it usually was. This went on until, like, '83 or something.

I don't know from ice skating high schools. We just had a mud pit we used for intramural thunderdome competitions.

Kate Madalene said...

Yesss omg you people make me so happy. Too bad this was such a crappy story. Oh well, the next one will be amazing.

My middle school had a skating rink. It was usually a good time. I'm more perplexed that Pa Kent's general store sells skates. Apparently it is a very general store. Also I'm really surprised Clark didn't give himself an LL name since he loves them so much.

Magnus1964 said...

Weee! Thanks for the plug for Interlac!

I enjoyed listening to episode 28 while at work today. I think parents can learn a great deal from Ma & Pa Kent by reading stories like this one and vowing to never, ever act like the Kents.

XantesFire said...

Wow, now I realize why my world seemed so bleak the last few months, no SFF. I feel less bleak now.

The parents calling each other, "Ma" and "Pa" came from a belief that you don't want to confuse your kids by calling each other by your real names but they still have to call you "Ma" and "Pa". Weird belief, but what's weirder is in some Super-man/baby/boy stories they show the Kents calling each other by "Ma and "Pa", even before they got Clark.

Happy Days had a drive-in dinner. Don't you remember the trays they would put on their car doors? Or is that before your time?

In Pre-Crisis DC universe, it's explained that for some sort of unexplained reason kryptonian hair doesn't grow when under the yellow sun or it just grows enough to fit your style. In Post-Crisis, Superman uses a mirror made from glass from his rocketship. And when he was younger his powers hadn't fully developed so they were able to get him haircuts.

Gabriel said...

You're back! Yes!Thank you!!!

Michael said...

You were thinking of the "He-Man Woman Hater's Club" from "Little Rascals".

Although the credits weren't given in these early stories, you can go to the Grand Comics Database to look them up. The cover was by Swan & Klein and the lead story that you reviewed was by George Papp.

Now that I've got that out of my way, this is the first one of yours that I've listened to (I had a 6 hour round trip between Houston and Austin, so I downloaded this and your Major Spoilers guest-shot). I'm sorry I missed all the others! This was really long, like 90 minutes, is this typical? I don't know when I'd have time to listen all the way through at one sitting, that's the only way to listen to you both.

I'm the "they" who runs the Legion Omnicom blog (which you referred to in the Major Spoilers podcast as "Adventure 24/7"). I was tickled that you referred to me as "more powerful" than you. Ha! Thanks for the shout-out. I'll review the SFF podcast in a post coming up real soon, but I can tell you that you'll get a great pull quote for your site.

word verification: "flocra", which was a rejected name for the product that later became "lycra".

Dr. Psycho said...

I just this minute discovered this blog, so I can't exactly welcome you "back", but I am glad that you are still posting, and look forward to your next post.
Some years ago, I sat down with my near-complete run of the Legion in Adventure Comics and SLSH, supplemented by tiny digest-sized 1980s issues of Adventure, and read right through from the very first story to the end of the original Legion in a decaying bubble of leftover spacetime. It was a powerful experience.
Anyway, I look forward to following the Legion along with you, in posts to come.

Anonymous said...
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fadds said...
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