Thursday, January 8, 2009

episode 16 - Superboy 98

Hi guys! This episode features the first appearance of Ultra Boy! And the first appearance of Marla! this episode is pretty long for some reason!! I guess you could say it's ULTRA LONG.

Last week we guested on the very excellent podcast over at Major Spoilers. Me and Kristen got to talk and giggle excitedly on their Legion-themed episode, "We Are Legion!". (not to be confused with the title of adriana's sketchbook! nerd minds think alike).

Really fun! Might be seeing more of these crossovers in the future. Gardner, I'm looking at you with my internet eyes. It's only a matter of time before we conquer the internet.

The opening music usually has something to do with the content. You wouldn't believe how few songs there are with the word "ultra" in them. I ended up on Ok Go's "Invincible" instead, to save you from Kylie Minogue's "It's In Your Eyes".

Editor: Mort Weisinger
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Penciller: Curt Swan
Inker: George Klein

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Super Future Friends Episode 16 Superboy 98

Very Scientific Stats:
Statuary?: SOMEHOW YES
Super Assumptions: SEVERAL
Lana Lang Bitchiness: an impressive 7 out of 10 hair ribbons, considering she's there for like 1 page and most of her words are bitchy.
Super Pets: 1 (Krypto)
Number of times we say "awesome": 46,023

Music used in the intro/outro is Ok Go - Invincible

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==


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