Tuesday, January 19, 2010

episode 29 - Adventure Comics 305 pt II

Hi again! We return from our hiatus! Behold our works! This story also took place in Adventure Comics 305! (hence the pt II)

Writer: Jerry Siegel
Penciller: John Forte

Music used in the intro/outro is The Cardigans - Marvel Hill

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==

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Super Future Friends - Episode 29 Adventure Comics 305 pt II

Some Stats:
Statues? Yes!
Tunneling? We can assume tunneling took place off panel.
Tryout Issue? Yes
Insane Initiations? YES
Misuse of Science? Yes

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-adriana and kristen



XantesFire said...

Yay, another of my favorite podcast are back from the holidays. Okay, you did say it was other stuff that caused you absence, but I'm still hating on the Christmas season.

The Legion seems to have a weird membership test policy. The more powerful you are, the more and harder you get tested. Shrinking Violet shrinks, she's in. Phantom Girl phases, she's in. Invisible Kid vanishes, he's in. Matter Eater Lad eats, he's in. But Superpowerful members, they test and taunts til they cry. (Mon-el was crying underneath the mask.)

Supergirl built a tunnel and would have been tested some more if she didn't get aged by red K. And second time she had to find lost treasure and destroy a green kryptonite asteroid that happened to fall right at the clubhouse. (Kryptonite's magnetic right? almost sure it was a Cosmic Boy trick.) Ultraboy had to travel to the past and discover Superboy's secret identity.

I didn't realize they were foreshadowing Lightning Lad's return til now.

Actually I always had the theory that Superboy/Superman gave up on freeing Mon-el because even though he's suppose to memory wipe his adventures with the Legion, it's was subconsciously there that Mon-el gets freed in the future so he doesn't have to worry about it.

mspote said...

This was your best episode yet -- I laughed out loud many times (probably annoying my co-workers... c'est la vie!). I also love how Mon-El's "optimistic and specific" comment, prefaced with a "perhaps," is immediately seized on in the editorial footnote as a "vow." Low threshold for oaths in the Silver Age LSH, I guess. Glad you're back -- keep the Legion goodness coming!

Kate Madalene said...

Wow it took me a long time to comment. I really should stop listening to your podcasts during painting class, I look like a maniac trying to stifle my laughter.

I looooove this issue, because it's a) all about Mon-El and b) completely retarded. His "element" is a compound at best, and it drives me nuts every time. I am a little bummed about the sudden personality change though, his rationality and gentleness set him apart from the Dicks of the Future. Oh well, it gets worse.

So glad you guys updated <3 Hope things are going fine with moving!

Evil said...

This is the best one since the Superman/Supergirl incest issue. :D

Jeffrey Scott said...

Love each and every podcast from you girls. Glad to know there are other "crazy" Legion fans beside myself out there.

I don't know about you, but I'd be hesitant to consider an applicant who starts off calling himself a lemon.

Personally, I think maybe Chuck should have the name Legionnaire Lemon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies! Sorry I didn't get to see you at Emerald City Comic Con. Anyway, I'm one of your older listeners. So, I know that "Laid an egg" or something like that means that his plan to trick the Legion into accepting him as Legionnaire failed. Anyway, I enjoy the podcast. Good job! Very entertaining!