Tuesday, March 9, 2010

episode 30 - Adventure Comics 306

Hi again! We're back with another episode of amazingness! This one features the first appearance of the Legion of Substitute Heroes! How do they stack up against the regular Legion in cruelty?! The results would surprise you!

Edmond Hamilton
Penciller: John Forte

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Music used in the intro/outro is Aimee Mann - Nothing is Good Enough

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==

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Super Future Friends - Episode 30 Adventure Comics 306

Some Stats:
Tunneling? Yes!
Questionable Legion Decisions? Questionable admission policies!
Murder? Oh. My. God.

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-adriana and kristen



Kate Madalene said...

VV that postcard is so cute, I want to put it on my ceiling and stare at it every night. But instead I will send it as a postcard.

I remember that episode of the show. I was just as annoyed with it. Color Kid was funny though. Can't wait till you get to him.

I'm so happy for you that you finally moved, Kristen! 8D Even though it will not help in bringing more episodes, I am still happy for you.

Peter said...

This episode brought to you by the words cute, cute and super-cute. :]

And yes, I love the Subs too!

Alan Mac said...

If you've not read it, I recommend finding the Secret Origins issue with the origin of the Legion of Subs. It's hilarious. It shows the real reason Fire Lad was rejected was that he applied while he had a huge cold and sneezed all over the Legion with fiery snot. Not the best first impression.

The Subs go on to become a really cool fighting force in the Five Year Later Legion. I won't spoil that, though.

Mark said...

The moment when you discovered that the Legion was RIGHT about Fire Lad was priceless. :)

Great job, as usual.

XantesFire said...

Aww, you're making this a bad year for me, I need more episodes.

I was wondering how can you hate the Subs? Then I googled that Legion episode, no wonder you didn't like it. Porcupine Pete in charge? Bouncing Boy the inspiration. Brainy with no ideas, like tracking down where the creatures were coming from?
Atleast they had Chlorophyll Kid and Stone Boy.

Poison Ivy makes pheromones that she uses to control other people similar to plants using pheromones to attract insect and other pollinators to their flowers.

Hey, if the Legion could reject Night Girl, does that mean they would reject Aquaman?

MattyT said...

This episode got me though a very tedious day at work. One of my favorites so far (it doesn't hurt that I'm a fan of the subs). I'm also glad it seems the consensus is that Polar Boy was wrongfully rejected from the Legion (I would throw in Night Girl there as well).

Why all the hate on the Sub episode of LOSH? I didn't think it was bad.

The Evil Dr. Bolty said...

I liked the Subs episode too - it got across the point of the Subs well and had some really funny moments (like Stone Boy FINALLY speaking). Also, I liked Porcupine Pete's mom driving the team around in a hovering station wagon.

AWESOME episode, btw. "The Subs will kill your babies!" will be stuck in my head for days now. :D

adriana said...

For me, it was just not my thing. I thought it made them come off as gag characters rather than sympathetic characters.

The subs are still a bit problematic for me because it sort of posits the main characters (the regular legion) as almost bullies or clique members rather than the relate-able characters, the same reason I find Bouncing Boy problematic at a character (in the future there's still prejudice against fat people? and science hasn't conquered obesity?).

Futhermore, the legionnaires only each have one power, and a lot of the time that single power doesn't seem that impressive on it's own, that's the point, right? Working together with a bunch of smaller powers? But again, the subs' presence further delineates "well, some powers aren't good enough". Really? Because Matter Eater Lad and Bouncing Boy are RIGHT THERE. And then the sub stories go 'well, secretly, they are good enough', which just makes our main heroes look like crappy people.

Conceptually, I have those issues with their existence, but the characters themselves are endearing and sweet in demeanor. The episode of the cartoon didn't endear them to me, it just made me feel very embarrassed for them and wishing it was a more serious episode, but I know lots of other people enjoy the gag type characters/episodes.

GL_Rayner said...

great episode! i love the Subs. they had such a great scene in Geoff Johns' Action Comics arc. he tried to clear up the Legion's pompous attitude towards them. still, they do come off as "cliqueish". i just subscribed to the podcast and have really been enjoying it. LONG LIVE THE LEGION!

arromdee said...

I just listened to this and actually read the Legion story. The Subs are innocent--the story was very carefully worded so that they didn't kill any grown plant-men. (They did kill seeds, but the seeds weren't intelligent.) Night Girl knocked the first one unconscious, she didn't kill it. And making all the seeds in the bin grow didn't crush them to death, it wrecked their city and weapons. Granted, in real life it would be hard to do this without killing some of them, but that's just the usual collateral damage problem all superheroes have.