Tuesday, August 24, 2010

episode 33 - Adventure Comics 309

We return! Stronger than ever!! Sorry for the delay guys! And thanks for all the sweet words of encouragement and anticipation!

This issue features a bunch of crazy looking animals!! And a dude in a fur diaper! AWESOME!

EDIT: somehow the file only uploaded 15 minutes??! But it should be fixed now! If you're confused and from iTunes, dl it from here. Sorry kids.

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 Major Spoilers, episode #104! 
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 ::Minor Acts of Heroism::
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Super Future Friends will be at Jet City Comic Show!!
Sept 25th, Artist Alley Tables AA33 and AA34!!!
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Writer: Edmond Hamilton
Penciller: John Forte

Music used in the intro/outro is Annie - Annimal
==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==
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Some Stats:
Statues? No! *GASP* But we do get a nifty diagram of the universe with their little heads on it.
Tunneling? A tunnel appears, and arguably Earthquake Thing makes them (at least it makes canyons).
Possible Murder? Yes!
Horrible Monsters? Yes!
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shables said...

Yay! New episode. You guys rock.

Wndola said...

Missed this sooo much. Will you talk about B5 on smallville in this ep?

Al said...

28 minutes in and my afternoon at work is going much better now, thanks!

Anonymous said...


How come it is a "Space Bank" that is being robbed -- I mean, aren't all the planets in space, so banks on Earth would be "Space Banks," too, right?

It is possible I am over-thinking this.

-- Professor Alan

Darren said...

Question - is it just me or is the episode only 15 min long?
I was so glad to see the girls back

adriana said...

darren: Yeah, there's an edit noting hte weirdness. DLing from the blog directly should work.

XantesFire said...

Recently in Superman and the Legion storyline they retconned that Saturn Girl would telepathically examine the applicants mental status to see if they would accept them. So using that retcon excuse, they knew right away if it involved animals it would be the Monster Master causing trouble.

Yay! A new episode came out. And I was wondering if during vacation I would have to track you two down, tie you up and politely ask you to do an episode or two. Now I can go to Florida instead.

odditycollector said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new episode Adriana and Kristin. I enjoyed it! Especially the part about the Bouncing Boy murder cover-up! hahaha--! Great!