Friday, December 23, 2011

episode 36 - Adventure Comics 311

Hi A new episode! Yay! A two part story, during which we lose the will to live! Huzzah! This one features the Legion of Substitute Heroes!
Writer: Edmond Hamilton
Penciller: John Forte
Music used in the intro/outro is Scissor Sisters - Fire with Fire

==This podcast contains explicit content... and by that we mean foul language. lots.==
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Some Stats:
Statues? Indeed!
Tunneling? Yep.
Nonsense Usage of Technology: Turned up to 11.
A Mystery You Could Not Possibly Solve? Yes!

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-adriana and kristen


screamingfurby said...

I think you guys need to change your little tagline-- "We read the Legion so you don't have to." I had no idea who or what The Legion was until, about a year ago, when I listened to one of these podcasts.. then, afterwards, I immediately went on Amazon and bought like 300 worth of Legion comics :|

..It was worth it.
You guys are awesome XD

Mikoyan said...


Like the dude before, I like to read along as well.

I am also confused as to how some of the subs, particularly Night Girl, don't get into the Legion. They have two people who lose their powers when exposed to certain green and red radiations. I don't see a difference just 'cause she loses her mojo in UV.

Then again, these are the same people who think Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl actually have bona fide superpowers even though there are millions or billions of folks who can do the exact same things.

Ken Arromdee said...

Something you didn't notice in this story: Polar Boy defeated the aliens with cold because he noticed they avoided cold. But for all he knew, the aliens might have avoided cold because it killed them--he was very very lucky that he was able to freeze these cold-fearing aliens and the aliens didn't die. If it wasn't for dumb luck, he would have broken the Legion code and killed!

Mikoyan: Night Girl did get into the Legion in the Geoff Johns era. Theoretically she's still a member now, but she hasn't really been used. Polar Boy of course got in in the 1980's.

And in Legion: Secret Origin, someone actually comments that Brande is just being helped by ordinary kids (although they admit Lightning Lad has an unusual but weak ability).

alienal said...

Thanks for doing another show! I always love to hear you both discuss the Legion's early issues. In this particular episode I liked: you comments about Night Girl's hair, your commnets about Polar Boy's height, Night Girl's musings about Cosmic Boy, and the fact that every can build robots!

jamesmitges said...

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